When Should Your Business Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

by Samantha Feller

Once you have made the sound business decision to start putting time and resources into digital marketing, you are going to come to a fork in the road where you will need to determine if you are going to take on the task yourself or hire a digital marketing agency. 

There are a number of reasons why businesses hire digital marketing agencies and the fact that it saves them a lot of time in the long-run to focus on other aspects of their business is not near the top of that list. So when should your business think about hiring a digital marketing agency? Let's explore this question. 

When You Need An Expert

A digital marketing agency is highly proficient at a very wide array of different skills that are essential to effective campaigns such as, SEO, branding, social media presence, content marketing, and paid media. There are a lot of moving parts that go into a very successful campaign. That is why the majority, if not all, of the successful campaigns, rely on a team of digital marketing specialists. When you need a team of experts to take your campaign to the next level, hire a digital marketing agency. 

When You Need The Industry's Best Tools

Your business, while having access to the top-tier analytics, marketing automation software like HubSpot, and paid search management tools will not have the quality insights that an experienced digital marketing agency will. Plus, an agency will help your business strategize and advise you in terms of putting those analytical insights to productive use. 

Businesses that are serious about getting the most value out of their marketing campaigns need a  professional partner that will be able to interpret the analytics and marketing data available and assist them in creating a fruitful campaign strategy for their needs. 

When You Need A Fresh Perspective 

Oftentimes an idea can get stale when there is not an infusion of new ideas or perspectives, or you may reach a roadblock that you cannot get around. A digital marketing agency can offer you a set of fresh eyes and give your present efforts in marketing an unbiased and professional opinion as to their overall effectiveness. 

Additionally, marketing professionals can help your business create more effective campaigns and fill the holes in your existing campaigns since they are not as close to the product or company as your employees are. They can offer a consumer's viewpoint, and they come with years of industry experience under their belts. 

When You Want To Save Money

You may be wondering how hiring a full team of industry experts could save your business money, but in the long-run it will. In fact, the odds are it will also make your business more money. The return on investment may take anywhere from six to twelve months to realize with inbound marketing specifically, but there is an exceedingly high potential that your business will not only make the cost of investment back but will also make profits as a result of hiring a digital marketing agency. When you hire an agency you get full access to a team of experts all for one price. That is a hard deal to beat. 

When You Need A Job Done Fast

When time is a factor in getting a campaign off the ground and running there is no better time to hire a digital marketing agency. Having a team of experts at the ready who also have access to a large number of resources will ensure that your job gets done to meet whatever deadline you may have. 

When You Need Consistency

Maintaining an in-house marketing team is difficult since most of those employees will also be working on other tasks and handling other aspects of the business. A digital marketing agency offers you a dedicated group of professionals that will be devoting their focus to your various campaigns. 

There are so many reasons to hire an agency, but knowing when it's the right time is also important. With several other factors to consider as well, like budget and fit. So once you have made the decision that it's time, let your search begin for the right agency.

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