Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Facebook Ads For Your Building Materials Company


4 Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Facebook Ads For Your Building Materials Company

by Jess Gonzalez

Year after year the effectiveness of Facebook ads continues to rise, and yet there are a lot of companies that are not tapping into this ever-growing advertising channel. Studies show that of the 25 million small businesses in America, only 4% of them are running Facebook ads.

There is plenty of opportunity for your building materials brand to run great ads that catch the eye, and lead to more sales and services. So, let's explore the ways that you can make a great Facebook ad that brings in more business for your building materials company. 

Compelling Graphics 

There is an abundance of information on the Internet so if you want to grab a Facebook user’s attention with your advertisement you are going to need compelling graphics. This could be an image or graphic text over an image. Great graphics can help you achieve all of the fundamental principles of advertising, relevance, value proposition, and a single call to action, all in one swoop.

Find quality images and overlay them with some degree of text in a font that really fits the style of your building materials company. Text graphics go a long way in making a solid picture the perfect picture for your Facebook ad and is the most effective way to grab a viewer's attention right off the bat. 

Call to Action

A clear, succinct message or payoff is critical for any successful advertisement. You can create the most compelling advertisement that has ever been seen and still this advertisement will be of no use to you or anyone viewing it if there is not a clear and direct call to action.

A great call to action or value proposition should answer two key questions. How does this add value to the viewer and what do they need to do? Possible examples of this include informing viewers of the potential savings that your building materials company can offer them versus the competition or showing off some of your best materials with accompanying text graphics that include the price. 

Good Links

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your Facebook ad not only has a link to your website or service offerings but also that the link itself is active and functions properly when clicked on. No matter how good your ad is you will not generate that many more sales if people cannot click on your ad and be directly taken to a relevant page.

People's attention spans are very short when they are browsing the Internet that is why compelling graphics are so essential to Facebook ads, but also good links, because if people are unable to reach you immediately via a link from your ad they won't be likely to try very hard to seek you out on their own.

Target the Right Audience

This bit can be tricky, however, it is not impossible and once you have found out where your ads will be most effective it can lead to some serious return on investment (ROI).

You should start first with your existing customers and the people who like your page. Facebook allows ad creators to target people who have liked their page and will deliver ads to specific emails and phone numbers too.

Targeting the people who have already expressed an interest in your building materials company or have already purchased materials from you is the best place to start. You are more likely to sell more to the people who are already aware of you and what you do than you are to complete strangers. Over time Facebook's analytical features help to really see where your target audience is and then you can cater to them. 

For building materials companies that are serious about using the vast potential of Facebook ads this a great place to start. Create an eye-catching ad design, write really good ad copy, and research your audience.

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