5 Essential Tools for Marketing Building Materials


5 Essential Tools For The Building Materials Marketer

by Samantha Feller

For 2017, one of your goals should be to evaluate how you approach marketing in your building materials business. The competitors in your local area may be improving their marketing strategies, which is posing a greater challenge for you in keeping loyal contractors, architects, and builders on your side.

Now is a great time to do an audit of your own approach so you can be better prepared to stand out amongst the competition. The first place you should look is at the tools or the lack of tools that are being utilized.

We have compiled a list of five essential tools to make your day-to-day marketing activities more streamlined while helping you to target your marketing efforts more effectively.

1. Marketing Automation Tools

I’m sure you have heard about marketing automation software like HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo. But if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to learn because they are an all-in-one tool for your digital marketing needs.

Marketing automation helps you to send perfectly timed emails to contractors, architects, and builders. Or, you can post content at just the right time on social media. You can even set up timed digital ads on sites relating to the construction industry and use an automated software to help you track results.

2. Google Analytics

Setting goals and using metrics as a marker for your marketing campaigns are crucial in helping you to understand how well your strategies are performing. Google Analytics aids in showing you the realities behind your marketing, like how many people visit your site and how people react to the content you post.

Through Google, you'll have thorough metrics so you don't miss anything. With knowledge of which pages your visitors are bouncing from, spending 3 minutes reading, or most importantly converting from you will be setup for success. The goal is to use the information to inform your campaigns and make tweaks for better results the second time around.

3. Real-Time Media Monitoring

If you've invested in analytics, you'll want to expand this to find out what others say around the net about your building materials business. A software called Mention is a great tool to use to monitor what people say about your business, as well as your competition.

Through this program, you can type in keywords and brand names to check up on what's being said on every corner of the Internet. You'll be able to gauge the public opinion of what people think of your building products. The benefit of a tool like this is that you can’t read people’s opinions through ordinary metrics. Also, knowing what people think of your competitors is highly valuable.

4. Live Streaming Video Services

There isn't any question, video continues to be a vital marketing tool for virtually every industry. Because building materials is a visual type of business, you need to present your products through the most visual mediums.

With Facebook Live and Periscope becoming major live-streaming tools for free use, you can live-stream a lecture you give at a building materials convention or another event.

Even a live video Q&A with your prospects can go a long way in bringing more of a personalized experience to marketing.

5. Software for Creating Infographics and Other Imagery

Since you already know how visual building materials are, it's time to take this further with the imagery you use directly on your website. Take time to create other compelling imagery beyond videos on your site to educate and bring some true value to your visitors.

Infographics are one of the best visual mediums out there to combine these two elements. A tool called Canva is a good source for creating custom infographics without hassle. It's available as a platform to create other professional graphics as well for people who don’t have true design experience.

When architects and contractors find your site on their mobile devices, they'll be able to read a colorful infographic detailing everything they need to know to make a smarter buying decision.

Even if you only adopt one of these tools, it’s so important to learn more about what is out there. As your company grows, you may be able to add more tools for your business to use to save time and make life easier. Remember marketing tools are an investment that will ultimately help to grow your company.

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