How Agile Marketing Benefits Building Product Manufacturers


How Agile Marketing Benefits Building Materials Manufacturers: Putting Together Faster Ideas

by Jess Gonzalez

Working together as a unit is essential in marketing, even if you've always thought your marketing department preferred working autonomously. In truth, when your marketing department (and all departments) work separately, it takes away from group efforts on reaching the demographics you need to target. It also prevents everyone from truly understanding what your initial company goal is.

The way toward repairing this separation is to begin using an agile marketing process.

When you practice agile marketing, you bring more speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to your campaigns. This means you'll be able to get ideas out faster and then adapt them based on feedback from your prospects.

You need to know how agile marketing benefits building materials manufacturers so you can take advantage of the process. You may have lost customers in the past because your marketing plan didn't align with what your intended customer base truly needed. Using the agile marketing approach will help to align your strategy and send a cohesive message to your customers.

Here are some tips on how bringing agile marketing to your company can fit in with selling building material products.

Start A Sprint

Starting a sprint means getting everyone in your building materials together in a meeting to brainstorm. You'll come up with quick, actionable marketing ideas you can get out there now.

Another point behind doing this activity is to give each marketing idea its own goal and then track exactly how each performs over time.

Doing this is agile marketing at its core, though you have more to consider. It still requires meeting regularly, and it's applicable to various areas of your building materials business.

Tracking Results Through Recurring Meetings

Once you set up key performance indicators (KPIs) on your marketing ideas, you'll need to meet regularly to report on what the results are. Sprints generally have a specific timetable you need to adhere to for getting ideas out there. Afterward, the recurring meetings you hold determine what changes you'll make to content after looking at the KPI reports.

These meetings are commonly known as "scrum", or stand-up meetings. Whatever term you use, these are extremely important meetings that determine the progress and barriers you face in your agile marketing campaigns.

At these meetings, you'll plot what your next accomplishments are in future weeks. You'll also look at other areas of your business where agile marketing can improve the way you reach essential clients like contractors or architects.

Improving Your Website

Whether you're creating a website for the first time, or you need to revamp, agile methods bring ideas forward immediately to get ahead of competitors. Visitor feedback helps you make tweaks along the way, helping you to bring a stronger, targeted marketing message on your site.

Your website can be optimized for marketing much quicker with the agile method. You can hone your efforts on making small but significant changes to the site and then measure the results to determine performance.

With everyone working together, you'll create powerful content that differentiates your building material products from everyone else. Use this as an opportunity to collaborate on research and find out what customers need. Then you can make your website an influential tool for providing solutions and increasing your conversions.

Keeping A Consistent Content Marketing Flow

Keep in mind doing agile marketing helps keep a consistent flow of content making its way onto your site, social media, and in email marketing campaigns. By bringing continuous expertise from members of your company, you'll get more trust from your customers who need value from their building supplies.

Contractors and architects want to learn as much information as they can about how reliable your products are. By providing educational information, you'll move far ahead of your countless competitors.

If you choose to implement agile marketing into your company, you will see how it brings your departments together. You can use that unity to align your marketing efforts and your team, allowing for growth both internally and to your bottom line.

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