How Building Materials Companies Can Leverage Digital Marketing Automation


How Building Materials Companies Can Leverage Marketing Automation

by Jess Gonzalez

Whether you’re a one-person marketing team, the head of an entire department, or simply a building materials business owner trying to figure this whole digital marketing thing out, you know that time is a precious and scarce commodity in your day-to-day. Spending too much of it on repetitive, tedious marketing tasks only takes away from other critical aspects of your business.

All the same, your building materials won’t sell themselves. If you want to stay competitive in today’s market, you must maintain your company’s online presence and therefore endure all of the time-consuming aspects that come with the territory.

Fortunately, the benefits of marketing automation are numerous and can not only save precious hours in your day but help you build stronger customer relationships.

Let's take a closer look at how marketing automation works on improving your building materials brand.

Defining What Marketing Automation Is

To define marketing automation, you can look at it as a process where you keep track of how users interact with your website and all digital content. Consider it a form of analytics that helps you determine what people want to see on your site and other mediums.

As a result, marketing automation systems help you send timed emails, blogs, and other content to make sure your customers get what they want. Since you're catering to interior designers and architects, knowing their demands and what marketing content they will react best to is crucial.

First, you must find a marketing automation platform that best suits your business. Make sure that the software is compatible with other apps and social media sites you use. For example, having this incredible technology means nothing if you heavily use LinkedIn and the automation tool has no cross functionality. After choosing the best tool, you will be able to create more valuable interactions with your customers.

What Marketing Automation Platforms Can Provide

To start, you'll want a marketing automation program enabling you to send automated emails to your leads. Because automated emails bring a 70% higher open rate and 152% click-through rates, you have every reason to get on board.

An automated platform can send emails with content geared toward what the user typically reads on your site. If they recently searched something specific about your building material products, the emails scheduled through the software deliver more information on this very topic without you having to send it manually.

Your automation software should be capable of integrating with your website so you can collect information on how users behave on your site. Connecting with a contact relationship management (CRM) platform is equally essential to help you stay in the know about your sales numbers and overall return on investment (ROI).

When seeking an automation program, make sure it has segmentation capabilities so you can compile lists of contacts who are most apt to buy from you. Don't forget about lead scoring either, which gives scores to potential customers who interact with your Web content and ranks them from hot to cold.

How Else Will Marketing Automation Benefit You?

Above all, automation allows you to target those who are more likely to buy your building material products. Since interior designers and architects are overly demanding in what they want, it's important to personalize your marketing campaigns and show how you differentiate from your competitors.

Automation allows you to gain more detailed customer insights which will help you build stronger relationships and keep a consistent brand presence. The best part about it is all of the tools you need to grow your company are in one place with reporting every step of the way.

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