Anyone can sell products online, but it takes a deep understanding of your customers and a strategic eye to build a lasting brand.

Orange Inbound was founded out of frustration.

As homeowners, we constantly fought with our home improvement projects. It seemed that there was a lack of transparency throughout the entire process. Each project we undertook involved the same steps: contact a contractor. Get a quote involving some brand name that we’ve never heard of. Compare the quotes and attempt to research what components were the best. Honestly, a lot of the time was just spent making sure we weren’t being taken advantage of.

Researching the contractor recommendations was never easy.

When it came time for a new boiler, for example, there was almost zero layman’s language to help us comprehend why one was better than another. Comparing home siding materials became nothing more than a comparison of colors because the rest was not understandable. Finding which manufacturer was credible came down to which had active social media, actual customer reviews, and which web presence looked the best – even if their product wasn’t the best one to purchase.The ecosystem for consumers with relation to home building supplies and material manufacturers is a disaster. Building supply manufacturers don’t know what they don’t know. And, they are in many cases years behind what consumers expect. Today’s consumers research all of their purchases online. Whether it be a car, a vacation, or the boiler they install in their basement. Whereas in the past building material suppliers could market within their industry to distributors or similar, today’s consumers are ripe for interruption. We see this in many categories, from shaving (Dollar Shave Club) to mattresses (Casper) – manufacturers now have the ability to break past old methods of marketing and distribution to access the consumer directly. The building supplies industry is the next logical place for such interruption - and it is already starting!

Over time, as web professionals, we worked on the other side of the equation.

We designed and developed websites for lighting, tile, coating, paint, doors and window companies. The challenges always relayed to us were the same: “How do we better communicate with potential customers?” or “How do we establish credibility versus our competitors?" Each project brought on it’s own challenges, but there was always that same commonality in terms of where the client struggled.

At Orange Inbound, we are passionate in the belief that there is a better way for building supply companies to educate and acquire new customers. We believe that the development of a thriving, online ecosystem with your company in the center as a leader in your sector is the secret to online success and in turn, expansion of your business footprint.

How do we accomplish this? Via the following steps:


Nothing can begin until we properly analyze everything about your business, your current marketing initiatives and perform a situation analysis. Then, we’ll identify who your buyers are, what their behaviors are, and craft a custom plan for you.


We design and develop amazing, marketing-optimized websites that you can manage without any technical knowledge. These websites will look clean and professional, and work to educate and convert visitors into qualified leads. Over time, we’ll make it better and better.


We build an ecosystem utilizing the latest marketing technology, and build a social media presence for you on all the appropriate channels. Your company will begin to be viewed as an active participant in your industry.


We develop long-form, valuable content for download by your potential customers. This means downloadable e-books, checklists, buyers guides, and even includes rich-media or video content.

Inbound Marketing:

We create web-based content with the purpose of increasing your traffic footprint - and leads. On a regular basis, we’ll analyze the most popular keywords your business thrives on. Then, we’ll target those keywords via content creation to acquire more traffic to your site.

Paid Advertisements:

A quality, specific paid campaign can accelerate your marketing efforts. We’ll only utilize paid campaigns when speed introduces itself as a factor into your marketing plan. And when we do engage in these campaigns, it’ll be highly targeted.

Marketing Automation:

We automate marketing tasks to advance your users through the various stages of the buying journey.

Continuous Improvement:

We work to analyze statistics and make ongoing improvements to your website. Because it’s a living, breathing thing.

How do we do this?

By forming long-term, integrated relationships with our clients. The Orange Inbound team becomes an extension of your efforts. You can rely on having an experienced group of professional designers, developers and marketers available at a moment’s notice. We’ll conduct regular meetings, establish smart and achievable goals, and make adjustments over time as necessary. We only look good if you do, too.