Custom Web Design

Custom web design enables your organization to meet their online goals via the use of custom user interfaces, designed specifically for your company.

Don't settle for a design that wasn't built just for you. At Orange Inbound, we specialize in building custom website designs, every time, for every client.

What is Custom Web Design?

Custom web design is the concept of designing website assets from the ground up, tailored to specific client requirements. Today, in the web design world, there are two types of web "designers". You have the premium model which relies on the custom design of each template or module of a website. This is an involved, iterative process between client and agency.

On the other hand, you have "agencies" that simply take prefabricated themes and website templates, and simply modify them to meet their client's requirements. Sadly, these companies are not always forthcoming about how they will be completing the project.

How can you tell if you are actually receiving a truly custom web design? Usually by judging the process that an agency goes through.

Our custom web design process

Here at Orange Inbound, we create each custom web design concept from the ground up. To do that, it involves a thorough process that involves discovery and research, design concepts, and final approvals.

First, all custom web design projects must begin with a "discovery" process. This means sitting down and discussing all aspects of your project. Topics that should be addressed include:

  1. Current state of the website, if one exists. What are your current problems or issues that are driving your redesign project? What are your wishlist items? What are the must-have fixes?
  2. Metrics and analysis: how is your site design working today? Are you capturing leads? Do you have the proper tools in place to be able to analyze success or failure?
  3. Existing assets: Do you have a style guidelines document? Do you have your logo and branding available in easily usable formats?
  4. Style preferences: What is the "mood" of your organization? What are you trying to express to the end user? Are you light-hearted or structured? What color preferences do you have? Can you show us examples of websites you use that you like or don't like, and explain why?

A good custom web design team will go through all of those topics with you, and aggregate the findings into the final presented designs.

After discovery, design can begin. At Orange Inbound, we still believe in presenting clients with options. This means that most projects will include multiple conceptual mockups for you to choose from. Our methodology is to present conservative, edgy and middle-ground mockups. By doing this you can see how your company will be presented multiple ways. You can then choose which direction makes the most sense for you, or merge concepts to create a new one.

Unfortunately, website "themers", or designers who take themes off the shelf, can't present multiple custom designed options because they are simply repurposing other designs for you. 

Once you have chosen a design direction, from there our design team will produce mockups for each template or module we have identified in the discovery process. Each page will be met with an opportunity to approve or revise. 

Finally, at the end of the design process, you can take a break while the development team works to integrate your approved designs into a content management system or other delivery mechanism. 

Is custom web design necessary?

Absolutely! Consumers are wise to the differences between "themed" websites and custom designed experiences. Almost all major consumer and B2B brands custom design their website - the embarassment of being exposed as someone who took the low road of prefabricated website themes is a risk not worth taking.