Growth-Driven Web Design

Growth-driven design permits a client and an agency to work together on an ongoing basis to continuously improve the client’s website.

This type of design gives the client complete autonomy over their website, allowing for continuous changes in content and features within a clearly defined budget.

Orange Inbound has an all-encompassing approach to growth-driven design beginning with a holistic discovery process. During this process, we look at your building materials company’s business model and the goals and wish list for your new website. Then we determine a strategic direction, work to identify target customers, and set up a plan for creating your initial website.

After phase one, we will work to focus on continuous improvement, the big questions being: “What’s working? What isn’t? What changes can we make to increase success?” 

This cycle will continue throughout the engagement with our agency. This process of exploration, development, and acquiring information will enable your website and business to scale to new levels of success based on real data.

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